dc5abc225051ef260f2fdde2b10b2899When those winter storms hit, naturally we reach for the salt. You want to de-ice your driveway, roads, and sideways to prevent you or others on your property from being injured. Salt is a miracle worker in the winter, but too much of it can start to erode your concrete surfaces and vehicle(s). How can you stop the salt from ruining your vehicle? It seems so silly to wash your car multiple times in a week to prevent salt from eating your paint, but sometimes it is necessary, even if you know your vehicle will be dirty again shortly. Unfortunately, a regular power washing doesn’t always take off all of the salt residue on your vehicle. So how can you ensure that your vehicle is salt free at the end of the day?

How do you fight salt residue?

The answer, Salt Stop 6. It works at a molecular level, like no other product on the market today. It doesn’t just neutralize salt; it demagnetizes it, stopping the corrosive effects of salt on contact!  Lifts off white salt residue trapped deep in the pores of paint and clear-coat finishes that even high-pressure washers can’t remove. This product is a salt neutralizer, cleaner/degreaser, waxing agent , rust inhibitor, and salt residue remover all in one. Use Salt Stop 6 to prevent erosion on your vehicle or your fleet of plowing vehicles. Keep your vehicles looking as good as new, year after year, with frequent washes with Salt Stop 6 during those winter months. 


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