Cleaning Your Concrete Truck

Summer is here which means that it is construction season. Time to repave roads, fill in sidewalks, repair parking lots and more. That means that there is a lot of concrete being poured. Concrete dries quickly in the hot summer sun, and that can pose a problem when the concrete is drying onto the side of your vehicle. Of course that is to be expected of a concrete truck, there is backsplash and components that will touch the freshly poured concrete. Seems natural enough, but how do you get the concrete removed from the vehicle once it has dried?

Removing Dried-On Concrete

Concrete pouring vehicles are extremely expensive and should be well-kept so that they can be used for years to come. Unfortunately there is little that you can do about dried on concrete without running the risk of ruining the paint on the vehicle or causing the vehicle to rust. Instead of reaching for a harsh chemical, try Truck Wash. Truck Wash is a green method of concrete removal developed and sold by Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman. It allows you to pull cement off of the side of a vehicle without damaging the paint. It even prevents against future corrosion and rust, and is biodegradable so it isn’t harsh on the environment. For concrete removal chemicals that are harsh on concrete without negative effects on your surfaces or the environment, shop the selection of construction chemicals that Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman has to offer.