Today we will continue our information broadcast about today’s ready-mix concrete. If this does not make sense to you try reading our previous blog. We left off with the mixture of concrete and how admixture chemicals aid in daily construction. This fact eludes to the flexibility fresh concrete has for modern project needs. The question remaining now is what type of mix should you use? There are many types of ready-mix concrete available for purchase and many can be delivered by a company via concrete truck.

pouring concrete


This is a good question. As previously mentioned, concrete now comes in a variety of forms to help clients work through their complex projects. Here is a list of just a few of the vast mixtures:

  • Hi/Early- This mixture may be self-explanatory: High strengths can be achieved relatively quickly with this mixture. This is useful for projects where the downtime is short, such as highway paving or airport pours.
  • Fiber Reinforced- Fibers are used to strengthen and increase durability on a concrete application. This mix can commonly be utilized when steel reinforcement is not in place, such as a city inspected sidewalk. Adding fiber also helps defend against shrinkage.
  • Flow Fill- Also known as Cementitious Low-Strength Material, can be a universal solution to having to re-compact soils in hard-to-reach places such as water utility pipes and electrical trenches. The low strength eludes to the fact that it can be dug up by crewmembers with a shovel if need be.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete- This is a very wet mixture that is used in situations where vibrating the concrete is not practical. The high flow rate of this concrete means that it is “self-leveling” and therefore leads to a smoother, easier pour.

Concrete has many applications and purposes. Based on your needs for strength, time, viscosity, etc., the mixture used will vary. Hopefully, this quick introduction has given some insight into the in-depth world of ready-mix concrete. Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman is your source for chemical additions to concrete, from slab cleaning to concrete removal off of your truck’s bumper. Give us a call with any questions you may have!