Prep for Winter with Salt Stop 6

Ice and snow are creeping just around the corner as the calendar draws closer to the winter months. Year after year, we battle the icy roads with magnesium chloride, and through salting we manage to win back some ground. Without salt and sand, the roads would be even more unmanageable than they already are. But have you ever wondered what all of that salt can do to your vehicle?

Salt Erosion

De-icing salt works to melt icy roads through a physical reaction that renders it into innocuous water. This is a problem for your car for a couple reasons. First of all, water is one of the best, naturally occurring solvents and is already a pro at causing rust. Add a salt to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. De-icing salt can cause rust and erosion in your vehicle even after minimal exposure due to its natural hygroscopic abilities (meaning that it can absorb water extremely well), keeping your vehicle’s surface in contact with corrosive water. Another fun fact about salts is that they can increase water’s ability to carry electric current which will also speed up corrosion. Finally, chloride ions are a prime ingredient in the redox reaction that causes metals to rust. In plain terms, salt plus water equals bad news for your car.

Salt Stop 6

Protect your car from rust with Salt Stop 6, effectively stopping salt in its tracks. Salt Stop 6 doesn’t just neutralize the effects of corrosion, it actually works at the molecular level, preventing the redox reaction that causes rust. As an added bonus, it will also act as a cleaner/degreaser, waxing agent, and salt residue remover all in one.

Don’t let your vehicle fall victim to deicing blues. Shop with Concrete Chemicals for all of your Salt Stop 6 needs.