Roman Concrete Mystery

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As concrete specialists, we have a variety of fun facts about concrete on hand. You read that right: Fun facts about concrete. Now, we’d like to share some of those exhilarating facts with you! So without further ado, let’s talk about the great Roman concrete mystery.

Engineering Greatness

There is no doubt about it: The Romans were incredible craftsmen and builders. Temples, aqueducts, roads, and other marvels like the Colosseum still endure in spite of the numerous disasters and events they have been subjected to. Think rain, wind, earthquakes, military invasions, as well as mobs of sticky-fingered tourists. In fact, Roman concrete is far superior to modern concrete, which is only able to last about 120 years. Geologists have long pondered how Roman concrete has been able to endure for nearly 2,000 years. The precise technology and recipe for Roman concrete was thought to have been lost to antiquity, and geologists and engineers alike have been trying to solve that mystery for decades. At long last, they have discovered the answer.


It turns out that the Romans owe much of their success with concrete to their geographic region. Rome is situated between two volcanic regions that supply it with the volcanic ash that they used in concrete mixtures. The science behind it is very interesting, but to keep it simple, this volcanic ash contains crystals that would bind with the limestone in the recipe, preventing separation and cracks. They would also use a coat of limestone plaster to help seal and protect the concrete against the elements. Less water penetration means fewer cracks and more stability.

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