SuperCoat Your Trade Today

Working in the concrete industry results in a lot of cleaning. Every item that comes into contact with concrete, whether it be your finishing tools or wall forms, will quickly require maintenance to keep that item clean and working properly. Concrete forms that are not properly cared for will quickly diminish the quality and finish of the concrete within. Finishing tools require precision and smoothness; these necessities cannot happen with dried cement coating the finishing surface. There are numerous amounts of products on the market that can alleviate these issues. However, none compare in terms of quality and convenience to SuperCoat.

Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman offers an effective solution for your tool protection concerns. SuperCoat can be applied to most equipment and utilizes rapid-dry™ technology to get your crew moving. This is especially helpful for stacking and transporting forms. Utilizing the highest quality ingredients, SuperCoat delivers consistent performance and is our form release agent of choice. You can apply it to previously treated forms and it does not interfere with other coatings. Weather is also a factor to worry about, but this construction chemical does not wash off with water (i.e. rain). On top of protection from concrete, SuperCoat defends your tools from rust, weather, and corrosion. When it comes to protecting all of your concrete working tools, Concrete Chemicals has you covered.

SuperCoat is both safe and versatile. Responsible chemical engineering allows us to offer products that are eco-friendly. Our list of chemicals was designed with the safety of both people and the environment in mind. This product also is non-staining and biodegradable. You can apply the release agent to a number of materials including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Elastomeric Urethane
  • Rubber and more!

When it comes to keeping your concrete forms and tools covered, SuperCoat does the job right. Premium chemicals that are engineered with construction innovation produce our top-of-the-line inventory. Beyond the forming and curing process, Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman offers products for concrete removal and concrete cleaning. Interested in learning more about our line of chemicals? Contact us today!