Welcome To Concrete Chemicals

Welcome to Concrete Chemicals. We are your Top Rated Local® chemical supply. The owners of Concrete Chemicals worked in the construction world for a long time prior to purchasing Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman. They used the products offered by Concrete Chemicals for years, and have loved the products. In fact, they loved these products so much that they had to be a part of the business.

Our Products

We offer an array of products to meet all of your construction chemical needs in Zimmerman. All of the products that we carry are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and green. Our products are powerful on grease, grime, and concrete removal, yet gentle on the environment. We are proud of the results that our products provide, and there’s no harm to the environment. At Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman, you can always count on high-quality construction chemicals that work efficiently and effectively for the job at hand. We have a signature product for all of your construction needs. Wash off dirt, grime, and remove concrete from vehicles and other surfaces with Truck Wash. Remove concrete and mortar from any tools, flooring, and other equipment with Clean-Off. Clean-Off is our liquid concrete remover that can be used on a variety of surfaces without harmful effects like corrosion and rust. Have vehicles that do a lot of plowing? Try Salt-Stop 6 to strip salt off of the paint of your vehicles and equipment to prevent corrosion and rust. Looking for a construction chemical that is a preventative measure? We offer A+ and SuperCoat to protect your materials and/or equipment. Both use rapid-dry™ technology for stackability and convenience. These products coat surfaces to make cleaning easy, and to protect the underlying material from rust and corrosion.