Wipe Away Concrete

You are probably wondering how in the world you are going to wipe away dried-on and cured concrete. It seems like an impossible task. Fortunately for you, Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman has created an amazing concrete removal product that makes removing concrete from any surface a breeze. Clean-Off is a revolutionary product that is eco-friendly, yet powerful enough to turn dried-on cement into a mud like texture. It was specially designed for the construction industry because the owners of Concrete Chemicals know the industry well, and also know how tough it can be to find quality products to complete the task at hand effectively and efficiently.

Go Green

We understand that cleaning concrete off of vehicles and tools isn’t the easiest task, and it is hard to get the concrete off without using abrasive chemicals that can damage paint, tools, and other surfaces as well. Clean-Off is a cleaning product that doesn’t contain anything acidic. It is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment, or any surfaces that is used on. We use quality ingredients in our products that deliver the results that you are seeking with ease. We never sacrifice our mission of being a green company in Zimmerman, while supplying some of the best concrete removal chemicals on the market. If you need to remove concrete from a vehicle, try the Truck Wash product that Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman has to offer! Shop our eco-friendly construction chemicals today!