Looking for a product that you can use to protect your forms and tools from rust, weather, and corrosion? SuperCoat is a premium-grade form release agent designed specifically for the architectural concrete industry. It is a form release agent that does not wash off with water and makes it easy to keep certain equipment and tools clean. It goes on easy and coats the tool or surface to protect it. Talk about making cleaning easy. Simply wipe away unwanted substances repelled by your SuperCoat. We use only the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a superior product with exceptional release properties.

How do I use SuperCoat?

Spray application is recommended but SuperCoat can be applied by all conventional mothods. SuperCoat is safe to use on previously treated forms, as well. Use it on any metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, or elastomeric urethane surfaces. The product is green and eco-friendly. No need to worry about it washing off either, let SuperCoat protect all of your concrete forms, tools, and other products. Simply spray it on the tool or product of choice, and watch it rapid-dry™. That means that you can stack and move products immediately after applying SuperCoat. This product dramatically reduces cleanup time, by making it easy to wash or wipe away any unwanted substances. It will also not interfere with the bonding of paint or other coatings. 

*Due to MnDOT moving to only vegetable-based form oils for their projects Supercoat has been removed from the approved product list for MnDOT.   See MINNOIL for all MnDOT projects.


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