1. Prep for Winter with Salt Stop 6

    Ice and snow are creeping just around the corner as the calendar draws closer to the winter months. Year after year, we battle the icy roads with magnesium chloride, and through salting we manage to win back some ground. Without salt and sand, the roads would be even more unmanageable than they already are. But have you ever wondered what all of that salt can do to your vehicle? Salt Erosion De-ic…Read More

  2. Testing Your Concrete

    In the construction world, there is a huge workforce section dedicated to quality control. For our purposes today we will focus on the technicians who test and verify that ready-mixed concrete is up to code and passes engineer specifications. Although many in the construction field may scoff at the tester showing up to slow them down, concrete testing is vital to assuring quality. In cases of stat…Read More

  3. Modern Concrete Part 2

    Today we will continue our information broadcast about today’s ready-mix concrete. If this does not make sense to you try reading our previous blog. We left off with the mixture of concrete and how admixture chemicals aid in daily construction. This fact eludes to the flexibility fresh concrete has for modern project needs. The question remaining now is what type of mix should you use? There are…Read More

  4. Modern Concrete Part 1

    Today’s concrete mixtures remain relatively unchanged from the past. However, the range of uses and delivery of this material has evolved to match today’s demands. Society relies on concrete for much of its infrastructure and structural needs. Where would we be had it not been for the Romans? Today we are going to dive into the versatility and composition of modern ready-mix concrete. What is …Read More

  5. Roman Concrete Mystery

    At Concrete Chemicals, we know concrete. We know concrete removal. We know concrete cleaning, and we have the right tools to keep yours clean and functioning well. Best of all, we pride ourselves on our selection of cleaners and chemicals that are high-quality and eco-friendly. Shop our available products today! As concrete specialists, we have a variety of fun facts about concrete on hand. You re…Read More

  6. SuperCoat Your Trade Today

    Working in the concrete industry results in a lot of cleaning. Every item that comes into contact with concrete, whether it be your finishing tools or wall forms, will quickly require maintenance to keep that item clean and working properly. Concrete forms that are not properly cared for will quickly diminish the quality and finish of the concrete within. Finishing tools require precision and smoo…Read More

  7. Cleaning Your Concrete Truck

    Summer is here which means that it is construction season. Time to repave roads, fill in sidewalks, repair parking lots and more. That means that there is a lot of concrete being poured. Concrete dries quickly in the hot summer sun, and that can pose a problem when the concrete is drying onto the side of your vehicle. Of course that is to be expected of a concrete truck, there is backsplash and co…Read More

  8. Wipe Away Concrete

    You are probably wondering how in the world you are going to wipe away dried-on and cured concrete. It seems like an impossible task. Fortunately for you, Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman has created an amazing concrete removal product that makes removing concrete from any surface a breeze. Clean-Off is a revolutionary product that is eco-friendly, yet powerful enough to turn dried-on cement into a…Read More

  9. Welcome To Concrete Chemicals

    Welcome to Concrete Chemicals. We are your Top Rated Local® chemical supply. The owners of Concrete Chemicals worked in the construction world for a long time prior to purchasing Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman. They used the products offered by Concrete Chemicals for years, and have loved the products. In fact, they loved these products so much that they had to be a part of the business. Our Pro…Read More