1. Prep for Winter with Salt Stop 6

    Ice and snow are creeping just around the corner as the calendar draws closer to the winter months. Year after year, we battle the icy roads with magnesium chloride, and through salting we manage to win back some ground. Without salt and sand, the roads would be even more unmanageable than they already are. But have you ever wondered what all of that salt can do to your vehicle? Salt Erosion De-ic…Read More

  2. Testing Your Concrete

    In the construction world, there is a huge workforce section dedicated to quality control. For our purposes today we will focus on the technicians who test and verify that ready-mixed concrete is up to code and passes engineer specifications. Although many in the construction field may scoff at the tester showing up to slow them down, concrete testing is vital to assuring quality. In cases of stat…Read More

  3. Welcome To Concrete Chemicals

    Welcome to Concrete Chemicals. We are your Top Rated Local® chemical supply. The owners of Concrete Chemicals worked in the construction world for a long time prior to purchasing Concrete Chemicals of Zimmerman. They used the products offered by Concrete Chemicals for years, and have loved the products. In fact, they loved these products so much that they had to be a part of the business. Our Pro…Read More